AMPETRONIC Induction Loop Components, Accessories & Services

Induction Loop Drivers

AMPETRONIC induction loop drivers to drive the audio induction loops. A general guide to assist in the proper selection of induction loop drivers is provided at Assistive listening devices induction loop system drivers

Microphone Preamplifiers

AMPETRONIC preamplifiers designed for use with AMPETRONIC Induction Loop Drivers or systems driven from an existing audio mixing desk

Induction Loop Receiver

AMPETRONIC ILR2 induction Loop Receiver for those without telecoils or hearing aids


AMPETRONIC supplies a small range of microphones for use with Audio Induction Loop equipment

Input Signal Adaptors

AMPETRONIC supplies a range of adaptors to simplify the interfacing of various types of signals

Installation Accessories

AMPETRONIC supplies a range of items to simplify the installation of Audio Induction Loops

Specialized Systems

Systems such as very large area requirements, irregularly shaped areas, systems requiring low-spillover for confidentiality or proximity to other induction loops, sites with extensive metal loss, sites where voice evacuation / emergency notification is required, or any other unusual installation site

Advisory and Consulting Service

Audio Induction Loop systems can be designed for any complex installation. For these special installations, we can supply a range of equipment that provides high quality audio and enables all regulatory requirements to be met with essentially "standard" units. In most situations, consulting and design charges are included in the price of the equipment

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