AMPETRONIC Installation Accessories

AMPETRONIC supplies a range of items to simplify the installation of Audio Induction Loops.

CMR2 Calibrated Measuring Receiver

The CMR2 calibrated measuring receiver is designed for measuring the performance of induction loop systems. The stable gain and wide frequency response allow it to be used as a calibrated front end with a standard audio analyzer. As such, frequency response and field distribution can be plotted accurately, enabling the assessment of metal losses in the induction loop. The CMR2 also gives a calibrated output level for the reference magnetic field of 0.4A/m as per IEC118-4 (EN 60118-4). The CMR2 is built into a case identical to the ILR2 receiver, but only has the balance line level output connector and the LED on facia panel. The unit is battery powered and the balanced line level output can be fed into any audio analyzer.


We supply a flat copper foil insulated cable for installation under carpet and other floor coverings. This simplifies the installation of systems where the cabling must be invisible or where the need for complex layouts (such as low-spill) require several crossings of the floor in the middle of the room. In addition to the foil, we also supply a printed adhesive tape which clearly identifies the particular location of the cabling. Where physical protection of the cable is needed, or where the cable must cross a hard floor, we also supply a special PVC cover.

Copper Foil Tape

The standard flat foil cable supplied by AMPETRONIC is 18 mm wide, with a copper section of 1.8 mm˛ (0.71 in) wide. The cable is supplied in 50 m (160 ft.) reels.

The construction of the cable is copper foil of 0.1 mm thickness, covered in a wrap of Melinex®. Total thickness is 0.25 mm (0.01 in).

In order to facilitate the installation, no adhesive tape is fixed. To turn a corner, the tape is folded over.

To terminate, remove a small amount of the Melinex®, solder a wire (or the next length of copper foil tape) to the copper tape, and insulate with electrical tape.

Installation/Warning Tape

AMPETRONIC supplies a special high quality tape, 50 mm (2") wide, colored white, printed with a warning text and the Deaf Logo in Ruby Red.

This tape is designed to fix the Copper Foil Tape to the floor, indicating clearly the importance of the cable installed in that location.

The tape is cloth based, with a high strength rubber based adhesive, and is supplied in 50 m (160 ft.) reels.

PVC Extrusion

This is a high density PVC extrusion, supplied in 3 meter sections, for covering the copper tape in areas where a high level of physical protection is needed, such as exposed floors, baseboards, walls, etc. The color is normally light gray.

Normal fixing is by means of the extra heavy duty adhesive strip fitted to the edges of the extrusion, but in exceptional cases the screws or special fixing pins can be used in addition. It is essential that the fixing surface should be free of grease, polish or dust.

The dimensions of the PVC extrusion are 45 mm (1.77 in) wide, and 2.9 mm (0.117 in) high. A 20 mm (0.79 in) center channel runs down each piece of the PVC extrusion.

Mounting Equipment

We also supply specialized mounting equipment for several of our amplifiers. The availability of this rack mount equipment makes the installation compatible with other professional audio equipment which use the international 19" standard. Wall mounting is possible for the ILD122, ILD252, MP221, MP522, CTU11 and CTU12.

WM252 / WML1U / WMS1U Wall Mounting Brackets

The Wall Mounting Brackets (supplied as a pair) are for use with the ILD122, ILD252, MP221, MP522, CTU11, and CTU12. This allows the unit to be oriented in any of 4 directions when mounted on a vertical surface.

RM9 Rack Mount

The RM9 Rack Mount is used to mount an ILD9 amplifier in 19" standard equipment. The brackets are screwed directly onto the side of the unit.
1U Panel
The 1U Panel is used to create 1U high spaces between multiple ILD9 amplifiers when they are rack mounted to ensure adequate ventilation.


We supply as standard with our equipment standard logos using the international deaf symbol, with the 'T' symbol addition. These logos are also available separately in A6 and A4 sizes. The small size has a clear adhesive backing, and both are printed double-sided for use on glass panels.

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