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America's Cup Race Sponsorship leads to groundbreaking communication system

Holland Michigan Initiative

Michigan SHHH Resolution


AMPETRONIC's Sponsorship of the GBR Challenge Team in the America's Cup Race spurs development of a groundbreaking communication system allowing for wireless communication without the use of normal radio transmission.

AMPETRONIC, the world's technology leader in the Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking communication system that significantly extends the capability of Carrier Induction Technology.

Carrier Induction Technology is similar to induction loop technology in that the transmission is magnetic, but the signal is encoded on a low frequency carrier. This encoded, carrier-based signal is received via the loop cable, which transmits the audio signal to the hearing aids and a specialized receiver decodes this signal back to basic audio format.

Development of this novel approach allows independent speech input for 3 people, who have full freedom of movement, into the induction loop system. Their speech can be heard by anyone within the looped area who is utilizing a telecoil equipped ear piece.

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GBR Team Sponsored by AMPETRONICGBR 78

AMPETRONIC GBR AdGBR Racing Team Crew Communication on GBR  Team

Only the GBR Challenge Team is using the state of the art Conduction Loop Technology. Follow this link for additional information regarding AMPETRONIC's sponsorship of the GBR Challenge Team.

The current Louis Vuitton Cup leader after Round Robin Two is the Swiss Alinghi Team. The Alinghi Team uses an AMPETRONIC ILD60DC units for onboard communication.

Click here to view all The America's Cup Race results and current standings.


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GBR Challenge and Alinghi GBR78 racing Alinghi


AMPETRONIC / AssistiveAudio the suppliers of choice for audio frequency induction loop equipment and designs in Holland Michigan, America's first looped community

AMPETRONIC / AssistiveAudio is pleased to have provided the audio frequency induction loop equipment and designs used in Holland Michigan, as it became the first looped community in America.

In January of 2002, at the initiative and invitation of Dave Myers, we conducted an informal seminar to introduce our industry leading audio frequency induction loop technology to the residents of Holland Michigan. An AMPETRONIC Audio Frequency Induction Loop System was installed at Evergreen Commons, a community facility in Holland where the introductory seminar was held, to demonstrate the quality and capabilities our equipment and designs. This installation provided an opportunity to train Dick McKinley and his staff at Premovation Audio to properly specify and install AMPETRONIC audio frequency induction loop systems.

The response within the community has been overwhelming. To date, over 75 audio frequency induction loop systems, all using AMPETRONIC equipment and designs, have been installed in the Holland - Zeeland - Grand Rapids Michigan area. Venues range from churches, offices, university facilities, theaters, libraries, bank teller windows, and city council chambers to private residences. The following links chronicle the continuing progress of the Holland initiative.

HOLLAND SENTINEL - New World of Listening 01.28.02

GRAND RAPIDS PRESS - 150 Attend Demonstration of Hearing Aid Technology 01.28.02

HOLLAND SENTINEL - "Looped" System Speaks Volumes to Ears in Need 04.08.02

GRAND RAPIDS PRESS - City Will Install New System for the Hearing Impaired 05.16.02

GRAND RAPIDS PRESS - Getting Looped Initiative 06.17.02

The success of the Holland Michigan initiative, led Dave Myers to form the Let's Loop America campaign. Information regarding the Let's Loop America campaign, as well as unsolicited reactions by members of Holland's HOH Community to the the quality of our systems, can be accessed at Hearing Loop Organization

AMPETRONIC / AssistiveAudio are proud to be the suppliers of the equipment and loop designs that have made this groundbreaking initiative technically possible. Well designed, professionally installed audio frequency induction loop systems are best assistive listening technology currently available.

We continue to improve the quality of our industry standard setting technology, while providing solutions and capabilities that no other designer or manufacturer of audio frequency induction loop systems offers. Well designed, professionally installed audio frequency induction loop systems are the most cost-effective and widely adaptable assistive listening technology available.

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MICHIGAN SHHH passes resolution calling for promotion of assistive technology that "delivers sound directly to the ear"

The Michigan Chapter of SHHH has passed the following resolution:

Whereas the number of hard of hearing persons needing assistive listening is fast growing (as the population ages and as the accumulated effects of toxic noise produce an increased rate of hearing loss), and

Whereas hard of hearing persons prefer assistive listening systems that

Therefore, on behalf of Michigan's hard of hearing persons, Michigan SHHH recommends that Michigan's churches, auditoriums, theaters, courts, airports, and other venues where sound is broadcast install assistive listening systems that broadcast sound directly through hearing aids. We further recommend that, as mandated by the Federal Access Board, such newly installed systems also provide receivers with appropriate accessory for those as yet without suitably equipped hearing aids.

Adopted October 20, 2002

Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems are the only assistive listening technology that can provide solutions to the all concerns addressed in the Michigan SHHH resolution. Only induction loop systems require NO external receivers or headsets and offer workable options in transient environments.

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Links of Interest

Access Board - Government funded organization that provides recommendations regarding disability issues in the US

David Myers - A personal perspective on hearing disability and Dave Myers' efforts to improve daily living for those with hearing disabilities

Hearing Loop Organization - Information about the Holland Michigan Initiative and the Let's Loop America campaign

Hearing Review - The national publication of the American Audiology Association

Self Help for the Hard of Hearing - The nation's largest advocacy group for the HOH


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