AMPETRONIC ILD252 Induction Loop Driver

AMPETRONIC ILD252 Induction Loop DriverILD252 Induction Loop DriverThe ILD252 Induction Loop Driver has been designed for a wide range of assistive listening applications such as medium sized churches, auditoriums, halls, conference rooms, and similar. The ILD252 Induction Loop Driver maintains the traditional AMPETRONIC standard of high quality vocal and musical reproduction. Utilizing the latest design technology, it provides absolutely neutral, very high quality sound, with distortion levels well below those commonly associated with this type of equipment, while adding new features to improve performance and operation facilities. The ILD252 Induction Loop Driver is designed to be used with simple, SINGLE TURN LOOPS, which ensures ease of installation, and when combined with very small cable size, visual impact is minimized.

The ILD252 Induction Loop Driver provides nominal area coverage for a rectangular loop area up to 250 m (2700 ft). The ILD252 is Master-Slave configurable, allowing it to be used to drive phased arrays for low-spill operation. These specialized loop layouts can be designed and supplied with the precision phase shifter required in these applications.

The unit is designed to be driven from other sound systems, but AMPETRONIC supplies a range of accessory modules that allow it to used as a full stand alone unit.

A very high performance COMPRESSOR and AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL system, combined with wideband audio circuitry, maximizes both music and speech reproduction for hearing aid users. While retaining the normal speech dynamics to maximize expression, the total dynamic range is reduced to a level more suitable for hearing aid users. Metal loss frequency correction is provided and is adjustable from 0 to 3dB per octave, using 1kHz as constant gain frequency.

Full monitoring of the operation, in addition to the comprehensive LED compression and current drive metering, now includes a novel system for monitoring of the loop condition, so that high-resistance and low-resistance loops are detected at power-up time. Continuous monitoring of overload conditions is also provided. Front panel LEDs indicate all conditions. The equipment is designed to be fail-safe.

The ILD252 uses constant-current driving of the loop which is necessary to ensure full compliance with all national and international standards. The equipment incorporates all necessary safeguards to ensure that all present CE, EMC and safety regulations are fully met, under all practical operating standards.

The equipment is easy to install, providing professional features to ease connection to other sound equipment. The equipment is robust and extremely reliable.

The AMPETRONIC ILD252 Induction Loop Driver carries a five year warranty.

AMPETRONIC ILD252 Induction Loop Driver Technical Specifications

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