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The design and installation of Audio Frequency Induction Loops is a very specialized field, and is often outside the working knowledge of many specifiers and installers. This is especially true where specialized requirements have to be met, such as theaters with balconies, very irregularly shaped rooms, large buildings such as sports halls, Cathedrals and similar sized churches, concert halls or low-spill systems applications. Additional problems occur due to the large amounts of steel incorporated in modern structures, which causes significant losses. Fortunately, AMPETRONIC has developed a sizeable fund of know-how on the design and installation of such complex systems.

We will not undertake the actual installation contracts as we work exclusively as suppliers and advisers to system specifiers and installation companies.

To assist with the design of the loop layouts, a very advanced computer program, designed and written in-house, have been developed. This program permits the full analysis and computation of the entire spatial magnetic field generated by the complex loop layout. Full provision is made for phased arrays, current ratios, etc.

Depending on the requirements, the support can range from advice given during a telephone call to extensive design work using architectural drawings, site surveys and demonstrations, commissioning and quotations. Apart from the limited duration telephone support, we are normally willing to look at drawings and offer advice without charge, but extensive design work and the production of drawings will be a chargeable activity.

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